Ten things successful bloggers do on Instagram – part I

As someone who (I’ll admit it) browses Instagram almost every day, whether for enjoyment, inspiration or simply to keep up with my friends’ accounts, I’ve occasionally found myself reflecting on the reasons behind certain bloggers’ success. Still, I was surprised at how quickly the ten points below came to mind when I finally sat down to write this post. I suppose it wasn’t until I had to put my thoughts into words that I realised just how much I’d noticed.

While I jotted down these points with Instagram in mind, they’re applicable to a whole range of social media. Without further ado, here are some of the things that successful bloggers do on Instagram:

1) They post consistently
Most well-known bloggers post at least once – and sometimes even up to five or ten times – a day. They maintain a connection with their followers by constantly updating them about their activities, projects and events, and if they’re going to be inactive for a while they generally let their readers know in advance.


Photo by Sara Tasker (Me and Orla); used with permission.

2) They pay attention to composition
Really good bloggers have a keen eye for tone, texture, colour, contrasts and perspective. They’re able to manipulate these elements to produce photos with a particular feel and atmosphere with seemingly little effort.

3) They edit their photos carefully
In other words, they don’t simply post without first checking basic things like brightness, contrast and saturation. They frame and crop their images thoughtfully, and often post-process their images, applying special filters with apps like VSCOcam.

4) They write clearly, authentically and thoughtfully
High-quality writing is more important now than ever, given the morass of content saturating Instagram and the internet. The best bloggers write honestly and idiosyncratically; their photos are almost always captioned; their captions are well-thought-out; they use language in vivid and interesting ways; and they are often open about both the personal and the professional challenges they face.

Bloggers such Beth Kirby (Local Milk), Sara Tasker (Me and Orla) and Melissa Findley, for example, have been direct and honest about issues such as perfectionism, anxiety, depression and the death of family members.


Photo by Sara Tasker; used with permission.

5) They use links, tags and hashtags effectively
Popular bloggers will rarely post a picture that isn’t tagged or integrated with other social media in some way. They tag the subjects of their photos; branded accessories, clothes and other products; those involved in a photo’s production; the accounts of places they visit; the apps they use for editing; ‘feature’ accounts that collate the photographs of various Instagram users; and popular associated tools such as LIKEtoKNOW.it, which uses the hashtag #liketkit and enables users to get detailed product information for a particular photo sent to their inbox, if they register their email at the app’s website.

They also play into hashtag trends in order to maximise their exposure and to gain the attention of specific user groups. Among the hashtags currently trending within creative communities on Instagram, for example, are #inspiremyinstagram, #momentsofmine and #thingsyousee.

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