I’ve always enjoyed drawing, and try to practise it as much as I can. I definitely have a long way to go, but I thought I’d post some of the (mostly complete) sketches I’ve done over the past few years here, partly as a reminder to myself to keep adding to them.

I base most of my drawings on photographs rather than designing them from scratch (though I wish I could do that), and I tend to gravitate towards fashion photography and natural imagery, but almost anything that’s detailed, nuanced and textured captures my attention.



I based these drawings on the following images (from top left to bottom right):

  1. A photograph of Natalia Vodianova by Peter Lindbergh, for David Yurman’s 2008 Fall/Winter campaign
  2. A photograph by Tim Walker in the Vogue Italia editorial ‘A Private World’ (November 2008)
  3. A photograph of Jessica Sikosek by Krzysztof Frankiewicz for REVS Magazine
  4. A photograph of Louise Follain by Simon Nagel
  5. An edited photograph from Pinterest (artist unknown)
  6. A still of Emma Stone in La La Land
  7. A still of Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock
  8. A photograph of Frida Gustavsson in Vogue Brazil (October 2014)
  9. A still of Léa Seydoux in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol



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